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My name is Cats.

Being a visual storyteller for more than four years, my mission is not just to provide photos that bring out your true personality and story but to also create an unforgettable experience by making you feel comfortable, relaxed, happy and valued in the process . I want to make sure that we will all walk away laughing, feeling like we definitely nailed it after the session with the belief that a successful photo session comes from the creative and honest collaboration of the shooter and the subject. Seeing people in love and happily enjoying life totally fuels my passion, creativity and love for what I do.

Expressing artistry through photography is a gift that is to be shared with the community. It makes you feel like a ninja with a camera, mindful that every nuance must be carefully composed – simply because we cannot bring back that same moment ever again. Unless of course you have a time-turner like Hermione!  

My technical skills in photography were developed in taking up Photography Studies at the Ryerson University.

Like photography, I also love cooking and sharing good food with people who, like me, have a zest for life. Check out some of my food snaps on Instagram @CatsMadrigal. You can also follow me on Twitter PurpleSandbox_ and like my Facebook page Photography by Cats Madrigal

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